A Rugby Lunch to remember Delcho Bobeff and Harry Arnold

  • By: melbourneunirugby
  • Date:15 July 2018
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On the 21st July, we will be gathering at Royal Park to honour two great men of the Club. Del Bobeff was a player, committeeman, supporter and, above all, a wonderfully generous friend to all who knew him. Harry Arnold was Colts Coach during the 60s and 70s and inspired many new students to play University rugby and to go on to form many life-long friendships.

At our home ground, Brens Pavilion, Parkville, a splendid lunch has been organised to honour both Del and Harry before a match against Quins. Their respective families will attend and your partners are included in this invitation.

This lunch follows on from the memorable one in honour of Geoff Vaughan. It is sad to have lost three significant club members in such a short period, but it is also an opportunity renew old acquaintances and enjoy a long lunch and game of rugby in the park.


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